Water management is crucial to creating strong, resilient communities. How that management is performed and measured is increasingly subject to inquiry, from a broad range of perspectives. This document shows how we’re working with our council clients to prioritise investment decisions in a way that best benefits local economy, and the people of the Wellington region.

In our first year of being Wellington Water, we’ve consolidated our structure and explored how to lift performance of three waters services in the region. In 2016 -17 and beyond, we want to better position the company to respond to the changing operating environment and the needs of our shareholders and customers.

To stay relevant and connected to our customers, we’ve reviewed our outcomes to recognise water as an enabler for economic resilience and the public health aspects of our services. We now have a series of service goals that sit beneath our outcomes and we will use these to guide investment discussions with councils.

We’ll continue to apply a regional approach to strategic and operational decision making across the three waters (drinking water, stormwater and wastewater) businesses and provide trusted advice to our shareholders across everything we do.

This includes providing shareholding councils with a Regional Asset Management Plan that will support council growth strategies through their 2018-28 long-term plans. The plan includes an initiative to prepare the Wellington region’s water supply network for a significant shock event, which will require councils to consider investment decisions to build a resilient regional economy.

We have a regional conscience and want to see other water businesses benefit from our learnings. An opportunity to do so in the future may be as we support regulatory changes in the water sector, such as the introduction of metadata standards. We’ve realised that in order to operate effectively at the regional level, we also need to be well connected with national and central government. We’ll therefore be supporting Water New Zealand to increase their collaborative approach with water businesses and again we’ll share our learnings.

Within the company we’ll focus on growing our capability and culture, and working more collaboratively with stakeholders and customers. We’ll ensure we are providing value for money by asking our shareholders what they think about our delivery against their desired levels of service, and through initiatives like our procurement strategy. We have identified priorities to focus on which includes balancing our company work programme, managing pace within the company, and developing our business model to better realise value for money benefits.

This document summarises why we believe Wellington Water is well placed to both meet those challenges and to represent our shareholders’ interests in local, regional and national arenas.